Masterstudent från Wien


Anna Gugle från Universitetet i Wien skrev sin masteruppsats vid vår institution. Här kommer en hälsning från henne. 

I had the great opportunity to conduct research for my master’s thesis in the field of food safety at Uppsala University at the Department of Food Studies, Nutrition and Dietetics from October 2021 to June 2022.

Uppsala University is one of the top ranked universities in the world and it was an honour for me to spend two semesters there.  I researched for my master thesis with the title “Attitude, knowledge and behaviour towards food safety among families with children under five years in Austria and Sweden”. 

The behaviour regarding the preparation of raw eggs, raw beef and raw chicken of families in the home environment is only weakly influenced by the knowledge a person possesses about food safety. In addition, knowledge is only weakly influenced when individuals work in the food industry. A higher level of education also had no influence on the knowledge.

Attitude in general is only weakly correlated with behaviour. However, if looking at specific characteristics in the area of attitude, one can see that the higher the individual perception of risk, the better the behaviour.

To summarize my findings and previous studies one can say that behaviour is mainly influenced by a person’s risk perception and habits and less to not at all by a person’s knowledge and education.

Finally, I would like to thank my two supervisors. Firstly Ms. Ingela Marklinder from Uppsala University and secondly Ms. Petra Rust from the University of Vienna who supported me during my research.

And now what was Sweden like apart from university? First of all, the warmth and friendliness of the Swedes compensated for the long, cold and dark winter. At first glance, Swedes seem a bit cold and reserved, but they are one of the kindest people.

One of the most used phrases of the Swedes is “Vill du fika”? And if you spend some time in Sweden, you will quickly realize how important “fika” is and how deeply ingrained it is in Swedish culture.  Traditionally, it’s a coffee break accompanied with a sweet treat to meet and chat with friends and/or colleagues, possible at any time of the day.

Uppsala is a huge student city with many opportunities to have the “time of your life”, as one of the most famous songs by the world-class Swedish band ABBA cites.

I can highly recommend to stay in Sweden and enjoy the amazing landscape, the endless expanse of nature and especially the people who make Sweden as incredible as it is.


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