2022 ACCESS Forum Punta Arenas, Chile


On November 7-11, the 2022 ACCESS Forum was held in Punta Arenas, Chile. Two of the departments’ researchers partook in the workshop “Comparative Eating Practices”: Nicklas Neuman, who co-organized the workshop together with Claudia Giacoman (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile), and Eva Warensjö Lemming

Neuman’s presentation had the title “Change and continuity in Swedish foodways: Commensality, milk drinking and men's domestic cooking” and Warensjö Lemming’s was entitled “Evolution of food consumption patterns in Sweden from 1980s and onwards”. The workshop included presentations about identifications of peoples’ diets in archeological records, social determinants of diet among Chilean mothers, veganism in Chile, market evaluation in Swedish food provisioning, Chilean food environments, and healthy and environmentally sustainable diets in Sweden.

Future collaborations were discussed, and hopefully this will bring forth more opportunities for joint work between the department and Chilean colleagues. The other participants of the workshop were:

Anna Stubbendorff, Lunds universitet

Daniel Egaña, Universidad de Chile

Yvonne Granfeldt, Lunds universitet

Gislaine Granfeldt, Universidad de Concepción

María Jesús Vega, Pontificia Universidad Católica and University of Bristol

Francisca Santana, Pontificia Universidad Católica

Jonas Bååth, Lunds universitet and SLU

Cristóbal Quezada Herrerra, Pontificia Universidad Católica


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